Closer 2.27.23

Closer 2.27.23

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Cary Grant became one of Hollywood’s most charming and charismatic leading men, but he wasn’t born that way. Closer traces the life of the actor from his poverty-stricken childhood in England to his time as a circus acrobat, a Broadway star and finally a silver screen idol. We also reveal the people who helped inspire Cary to greatness — from the mother who disappeared when he was nine, to the matinee idol he met by accident, and the wealthy heiress who fell hopelessly in love with Cary! Also in this issue: Audrey Hepburn's greatest movie style moments and the inside scoop on Kim Novak and Sammy Davis Jr.'s forbidden love. 

On Newsstands: 2/17/23 - 3/3/23

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