Small Yard Garden Ideas

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Let’s face it, most of us do not have the huge backyards we see on TV and even if we did, unless you have a serious green thumb, what you’re capable of doing yourself is less ambitious than the fantasy gardens in most magazines. Compact living quarters and a not-so-big yard? You can maximize your space and enjoy the great outdoors even in the smallest of spaces, thanks to Small Space Garden Ideas magazine. In this issue you will discover how to plan, arrange, and create an outdoor space that’s as big as your heart, with plenty of room for entertaining, growing your own food, and enjoying the pleasures of nature—even in the modest confines of an urban courtyard or small suburban plot. Find out how best to create privacy, design a comfy sitting area for six or more guests, and add color and focal points that make your small space as beautiful as it is functional. Nor do we exclude those with more space - we show how to use the ideas in this magazine to landscape and uplift a practical amount of your back yard with lots of creative DIY projects ensure that your outdoor living area is always delightful.


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