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TIME: Secrets of Memory

The experience of memory is mystical, but the science to explain it is simple: Memories are made by connections between nerve cells in your brain. These connections, called synapses, are happening all the time with almost infinite possibilities. Why does our brain make these connections? The short answer is to help us survive—the brain’s primary job that explains pretty much everything. But, for most of us, what we remember is rarely a matter of life or death. In this book, the editors and writers of TIME take a closer look at memory as it relates to the human condition. From explaining why you remember some things and forget others, to strengthening the memory you have, consider this a guide to better understanding memory and harnessing its power to optimize the experience of life itself.

On Newsstands: November 10, 2021 - February 14, 2022, Reprint: 7/8/22 - 10/10/22

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