The Story of The Godfather - May, 2022

The Story of The Godfather - May, 2022

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In an industry built on mythology, The Godfather exists on its own as the highest example of the Hollywood fairy tale. It’s existence owes everything to creative—and desperate—people who make something remarkable because they have nothing left to lose. As TIME summarized in 1972: The result is a movie that—despite the mayhem and gallons of gore—is far more than the soap opera full of raw energy that might have been expected. It is far more than an efficient action melodrama—more, even, than just a good solid movie. It has taken 50 years for each viewer to decide what that “more” is all about. We know that it’s there in the film’s DNA, but can’t easily decide on how to define it. To cinema buffs, it’s art. To some viewers, it’s a shared community: the feeling of belonging that comes when strangers can bond over enjoying the same memorable line from a movie. And to some, it’s an idea: the rare achievement of successfully harnessing a creative medium to explore something rich, important and lasting. The Godfather is all of those things. This is the story of how it all came together, and why we continue to revisit the tale with unending interest and enthusiasm.


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