The Story of Star Wars - TIME Special Edition

The Story of Star Wars - TIME Special Edition

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TIME Special Edition: The Story of Star Wars

Today—45 years after crowds first lined up to visit a galaxy far, far away—Star Wars remains a beloved and enduring touchstone of popular culture. Why did Star Wars become such a powerful force? Star Mark Hamill credits its ability to satisfy the human need for escapism in a world that can be harrowing and scary. People need the therapeutic value of going away to some happy place,” he said, I think it appeals to children of all ages. It doesnt matter if youre 6 or 60, it appeals to the optimistic young idealism that I think every person has, however buried it might be.” Optimistic idealism coupled with the power of unlimited imagination is a formidable and timeless combination. This is the story of how it all began.


On Newsstands: 4/29/22 - 8/1/22

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