Superstorms - June, 2022

Superstorms - June, 2022

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Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Flash floods and wildfires, heat waves and ice storms. In recent years, no corner of the world has been safe from the ravages of extreme weather. Is it a new normal? In SUPERSTORMS, the editors and writers of TIME take a closer look at these threats. You’ll go inside some of the deadliest and most damaging natural disasters, with vivid images and stories that span tragedy and survival. You’ll also read about the scramble to understand why weather is hitting so hard and the pioneering research into links between climate change and specific disasters. And you’ll learn about ways to confront these dangers, from better weather forecasts and warnings to innovations aimed at responding to broader climate issues. As you’ll learn from this special report, adapting to a world of superstorms is literally a matter of life and death.


On Newsstands: 3/21/22 - 6/20/22

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