Star - 03.27.23 - Sarah Ferguson Princess Diana Friendship

Star - 03.27.23 - Sarah Ferguson Princess Diana Friendship

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Sarah Ferguson shares her intimate memories of her late friend Princess Diana, including how they bonded as newbie royals, supported each other through their divorces —  and the time the pair got in trouble with the Queen! “She had the most wonderful, infectious giggle,” she recalls. Justin Bieber celebrated his 29th birthday with wife Hailey, but his wedding ring was MIA. Star has all the details on what’s wrong in their four-year marriage. Who cheated when? What really happened with the Vanderpump Rules cast. Tiger Woods’ ex is out for blood, Hayden Panettiere shares the rock-bottom moment that led to her getting sober, Gwen Stefani is jealous of Kelly Clarkson. Plus, stars talk smack about the movies they wish they’d never made!

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