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Don McLean's American Pie

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Don McLean's American Pie

Fifty years after the release of “American Pie,” one of the most memorable and beloved songs in rock history, Don McLean is still asked about his magnum opus. A twisting, turning, roller coaster of 868 words—some of which could be heard as references to people, places and events—the most common question that McLean is asked to this day is: “What does that song mean?” McLean has never publicly indulged anyone with a verse-by-verse explanation because, to him, there is no literal answer. But McLean is more than happy to talk about the song, his inspirations for it, and how it impacted so many lives, including his own. From sold-out concerts to television appearances to books, Don McLean is proud of the song for which he will always be known. In this special commemorative, the first of its kind with words and pictures from McLean himself, Insights will be revealed. So will McLean's answer to what he feels is the best question: “What is it about ‘American Pie’ that is so powerful and enduring?” 

On newsstands: June 23, 2021 - September 27, 2021

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