Cooking With Cast Iron - Over 60 Delicious and Easy Recipes

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Did you know the best-selling new cookware on the market today is what our grandmothers used for cooking—cast iron! And for good reason. Cast iron is prized for its versatility, naturally nonstick surface and its ability to hold heat. It’s also incredibly durable and long-lasting. Cast Iron Recipes features more than 100 recipes specially designed for hearty favorites. Recipes run the gamut from skillet classics like fried chicken, Dutch Baby, crispy fried eggs and cornbread, to innovative, soon-to-be new favorites like Chicago-style stuffed pizza, mocha pudding cake, and oven-roasted barbecued short ribs (yes, you can cook all of this in a cast iron skillet!). Whether you’re new to cast iron cooking or a seasoned pro, everyone can learn from our special “Cooking Class” section in which we demonstrate how to sear the perfect steakhouse meat, fry perfect sunny-side eggs and roast root vegetables. Plus, we have a pro’s guide giving home cooks from beginner to expert everything they need to know about cast-iron cookware.


On Newsstands: 1/20/23 - 4/24/23

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