Hollywood Spotlight - Disney Celebrates 100 Collectors Issue

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One hundred years have passed since the young, self-taught cartoonist Walt Disney created the Disney Brothers Studio in his uncle’s Los Angeles garage. Not bad for a high school dropout once called “the second dumbest kid in class.” Inside these pages we will take a tour around the parks, how Pixar redefined Disney, and hw the magic will live on. To celebrate the extraordinary milestone, the company is serving up copious helpings of pixie dust— in every corner of the kingdom. From movie theaters and toy stores to streaming services and theme parks, new spectaculars, films and innovations lead the global salute to the Disney legacy.

From day one of his start-up studio, Walt possessed a remarkable conviction of the power of his dreams—the philosophy that would capture the imagination of generations of devotees. But even Walt with his spectacular optimism could not have possibly imagined the glow of success his namesake empire would command 10 decades on. Beloved characters from Cinderella to Elsa, Donald Duck to Woody and Buzz, Captain America to Jack Sparrow, Nemo, Moana and Belle, have made a sweeping contribution to the folklore of the world. And with the addition of Pixar, Marvel Comics Universe, Star Wars and National Geographic, the Disney family is now valued at a stratospheric $98 billion.

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