Mick & Keith and 60 Years of The Rolling Stones

Mick & Keith and 60 Years of The Rolling Stones

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The average lifespan of a rock band can be measured not in years, but months. Which is why the Rolling Stones—officially now a trio consisting of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ron Wood, three men all pushing 80—is not only The World’s Greatest Rock Band (just like they always claimed), but also the last group of its kind that we may ever see again. In their 60th year in existence, the Stones continue to roll. How is it all possible? Much of the credit should go to Jagger and Richards, perhaps the most underrated creative duo in rock history. All fans should take a moment to appreciate the achievements and history-making memories that Mick and Keith continue to deliver without an end in sight. You can’t always get what you want. But we still have the Rolling Stones. What more could you possibly need?


On Newsstands: 7/8/22 - 10/10/22

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