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“Space. The final frontier....” With these words, narrated by William Shatner at the beginning of an episode entitled “The Man Trap” aired on September 8, 1966, Star Trek made its debut. A phenomenon was born, though given the show’s mediocre ratings throughout its three-year run on network television, no one knew it at the time. It was only after cancellation, and in the afterlife of syndicated reruns, that Star Trek truly found its audience. And once this bond was found, it was never lost. Today Star Trek encompasses nine TV series (with more to come), thirteen movies (with more to come), and hundreds of novels and comic books extending its adventures across mediums at warp speed. What was it about the original series that fostered such a passionate fan base? Over the years, many have credited the show’s imaginative, intelligent writing. Others have said it was the remarkable chemistry between the cast. Undoubtedly, those were powerful factors. But the core appeal of the original series was its optimism about the future of humanity—a perspective that feels as attractive today as it did 55 years ago. This is the story of how it all came together, starting with one writer's vision and growing into the greatest sci-fi franchise in pop culture history.

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