BTS - The Ultimate Activity Fanbook

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This BTS Fanbook format is one of a kind. Complete with a pull-out poster! The news of BTS's break in the action elicited a kind of hysteria: no one could have anticipated that BTS would start their solo careers immediately. Straight out the gate from their emotional dinner that teased a plethora of individual projects, Jungkook released a collaboration with Charlie Puth, while J-Hope announced a full studio album. V, ever the tastemaker, set off to Paris to attend Celine’s summer 2023 menswear show. The BTS army can plan the ultimate BTS bash with our top tips and keep the party going for hours with games like BTS Bingo, MASH and Head’s Up! Plus, fans can decorate their room with one-of-a-kind collectible door hangers and even create their own BTS vision board. With 9 new trivia and personality quizzes, challenging puzzles, and compelling deep dives with J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, RM, V, and Suga, this issue is super sweet and not to be missed!


On Newsstands: 12/16/22 - 3/20/23

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