iD 2017.07: Always Tired?

iD 2017.07: Always Tired?

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  • How exhaustion transforms our bodies...and what you may not realize about the true causes.
  • Extreme athlete Travis Rice demonstrates what happens when you have a fleet of helicopters and perfect snow.
  • Bears are formidable creatures, but they start off in the world quite tiny and defenseless. Becoming a big bear takes a lot of learning, trying things out and meticulous observation.
  • What happens when hackers rob the world's biggest bank?
  • Not all wind is the same. In fact, this force of nature has more than a hundred faces--and not all of them are friendly...
  • Hamburg's new world wonder - the Elbphilharmonie. What makes this $850 million concert hall so distinctive?
  • How do you intercept an aircraft? What happens when fighter jets are deployed?
  • Spectacular new photographs of the moon reveal that our closest neighbor is getting smaller and smaller. What does that mean for Earth?
  • The brutal Battle of Verdun marked the start of the era of industrialized warfare.
  • Can time end? What exactly is time? Is it fixed and immutable, or fluid and branching? These answers are mind-blowing.

Cover date: July 2017

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