Food to Love - Meal Prep Made Simple

Food to Love - Meal Prep Made Simple

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Meal Prep It Forward! For the time it takes to prepare a single dinner, it takes relatively little extra time in the kitchen to bulk-cook and whip up two, three, or even four different dinners, then portion these into containers to make into convenient and delicious meals to have on hand for the week. Every ingredient you need for the spin-off dishes are listed within the structure of each main recipe, so you can see at a glance all that you’ll need to meal prep. You might find you prefer one spin-off over another, and the great thing about this mix-and-match approach is that it’s flexible and provides homemade, interesting, and healthy meals for your entire week. The 84 recipes are organized by “Pick Your Protein,” so you’ll find dishes with chicken, beef, fish, and meat-free options. With pantry, fridge, and freezer basics, as well as a weekly planner and shopping list, Meal Prep Made Simple is a necessity for every household!


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