Joy the Baker Holiday 2021

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This is the second issue of Joy the Baker, and I’m thrilled you’re considering purchasing a copy. Last year we were baking ourselves through the beginning of a pandemic. I bet you experimented with sourdough and banana bread too. While you may not be an expert (even I’m not a sourdough master), I bet you tucked a bit of baking confidence under your belt. Maybe last year you made a turkey pot pie for your pod instead of an elaborate all-family Thanksgiving meal. This year let’s expand those small comforts, intentionally.

This season, while we’re writing out those longer grocery lists in preparation for our (fingers-crossed) everyone’s-invited holiday parties, let’s pause and hold tight the memories of our smaller gatherings last year. Think about how they were different—maybe a bit more tender and just a tad less stressful. Let’s usher in some of that coziness, and let it reflect in the care we take of ourselves as we expand our holiday table this year.

What I’m most proud of is the dedicated community of bakers I’ve gathered on—people as passionate about butter and sugar as I am. My recipes are part instruction and part pep talk because ultimately, nothing makes my heart happier than YOUR baking success. I know if I can teach myself how to bake, you can too...with a little nudge from me.

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