Bee Gees - The Complete Story: One Family&

Bee Gees - The Complete Story: One Family's Dream Decades Of Determination A Lifetime of Musical Memories

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The Bee Gees

Sometimes up in the stratosphere, and other times down for the count, the Bee Gees wrote and sang songs that almost everyone knows by heart. From their 1967 ode “Massachusetts” to the late 1977 smash hit “Stayin’ Alive,” whatever mood you might be in, there is a Bee Gees song that captures it. That’s the essence of why we adore them. As a trio, brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb have released or written a hit song in every decade since the 1960s. They have won eight Grammys and sold over 200 million records. Their melodies, lyrics, beats, and voices transcended borders, race, age, and genres. A pleasure with no guilt necessary, it’s finally cool to admit that—deep inside—we have always loved the Bee Gees. And always will.

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