Star - 01.16.23 Spiraling Britney in Serious Danger

Star - 01.16.23 Spiraling Britney in Serious Danger

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Britney Spears hasn’t been seen in public in four months — and insiders fear she’s in serious danger! “There’s a fear she’s not getting the help she clearly needs,” an insider tells Star of the spiraling pop princess who spends hours posting nude photos and unhinged rants on social media. “People are afraid she’s gone off her meds!” Star goes inside her bizarre world. Cher’s romance with 40-years-younger Alexander “A.E.” Edwards fretting she’s being taken for a ride. With the royal family in disarray, King Charles III is begging his sons William and Harry to reconcile in order to save the monarchy. Caroline and Luke Bryan share how they’ve kept their marriage strong through heartbreak and loss. Plus, Star investigates the “nepo-babies” who are taking over Hollywood!

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