Mystery Colors Color by Number & Discover the Magic!

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We are pleased to present a new issue from our top-selling adult activity line: Mystery Colors. Many have rediscovered the joy and relaxation that coloring can bring; often providing countless hours of fun. Look no further. Grab your coloring pencils or pens and start filling in the drawings in Mystery Colors. Soon, you’ll uncover the beautiful images hidden on each page. Each illustration features a magical scene full of intricate designs. From coloring in famous landmarks, animals, landscapes, people and more, these stunning works of art will bring joy to your life. Even better? Once completed, you can tear out the pages and use them for decorating or give them as presents to your nearest and dearest. Featuring 50+ coloring images, Mystery Colors will surely unleash your inner Picasso.


On Newsstands: 1/13/23 - 4/17/23

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