DaySpring Everyday Faith - Fall 2021

DaySpring Everyday Faith - Fall 2021

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In the fall 2021 edition of Everyday Faith, you will find stories and articles to inspire hope and encouragement and to remind you of God’s love for you. All through 2020, we talked about love. Love Over All—a mindset and a heart posture to love first, to love well, and to love over all. Three little words that set the stage of response for a year that had more in store for all of us than we could have ever imagined. But no matter what 2020 brought, we continued to talk with you about love. As March turned to April, and weeks of shelter-in-place turned into months, you came through and turned “love over all” into “love in action.” You sent hundreds of thousands of cards and for every card you sent, DaySpring donated a card. Together, we sent and donated more than 1 million cards and discovered that during a pandemic, a card is the safest way to hug someone you care about. So thank you for all you do. We see you. We hear you and we appreciate you. This year, DaySpring celebrates 50 years in business. As we look back over our history, we know it would not have been possible without people like you. And we’re just getting started! Here’s to 50 more years of hope and encouragement and helping every person experience and express the life-changing message of God’s love.

On Newsstands: August 25, 2021 - November 29, 2021

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