The Complete Guide to Anti-Inflammation - Boost Health and Feel Your Best

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The immune system is one of the wonders of the human body. When anything breaches its boundaries from the flu to a virus, parasite or wound, the body launches its internal defense systems, including inflammation, which is part of the healing process. But when the immune system overreaches or poor diet and other lifestyle habits crimp the body’s healing, there’s an opportunity for inflammation to become chronic and possibly even trigger an autoimmune condition. Whether it’s heart disease, diabetes, obesity, allergies or issues like Hashimoto’s, Graves’ disease or rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation is a sneaky contributor. This special issue on how to beat anti-inflammation will explain how this simmering fire gets a foothold in the body and how some easy shifts can help douse it. Articles include how to identify markers for inflammation, surprising immune system triggers and signs of hidden inflammation that contributes to nagging health issues such as eczema, headaches, fatigue, obesity and more. There will be stories on how poor gut health is a driver of inflammation and the best ways to feed your belly and body the healthiest anti-inflammatory foods and supplements. Finally, the issue will cover how sleep, stress and other lifestyle choices fan the flames of inflammation and how to cool them down to optimize health and feel your best.  For almost every symptom you’ve wanted to address and never knew the answer, there’s a chance inflammation was the culprit and we help you overcome it.


On Newsstands: 12/23/22 - 3/27/23

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